Nutrition Action Healthletter
Nutrition Action Healthletter 1998 Index — U.S. Edition
   Acesulfame K, Apr., p. 11

Advertising, deceptive, Jul./Aug., p. 8

   and ginkgo, May, p. 9
   and vitamin B-12, May, p. 1
   and weight gain, Jan./Feb., p. 10

   and breast cancer, May, p. 8
   and cancer, Dec., p.1
   and heart disease, May, p. 8

Algae, Super Blue Green, Jul./Aug., p.14

Antibiotics, resistance to, Jul./Aug., p. 2

Antioxidants (see also “Supplements” and “Vitamins & minerals”)
   in grape juice and tea, Jul./Aug., p.8

Anxiety and kava, Oct., p. 8

Arthritis, Jan./Feb. p. 3

Artificial fats & sweeteners
   Olean (olestra), Mar., p. 2, 9, Jul./Aug., p. 8, Sept., p.2
   Saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame K, Apr., p.11
   Salatrim, Sept., p.2, Oct., back cover

Aspartame, Apr., p. 11

Beans (see also Recipes”)
   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   how and why to eat more, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Birth defects and folate, May, p.1

Butter, how and why to cut back, Jan./Feb., p. 1

   in frozen desserts, Jun., p. 14
   in soft drinks, Nov., p. 8

Calcium (seeOsteoporosis and Vitamins & minerals”)

Campylobacter bacteria, Sept., p.8, Oct., p. 1

   breast cancer and alcohol, May, p. 8
   breast cancer and DDT, Jan./Feb., p. 10
   breast cancer and exercise, Oct., p. 13
   breast cancer and weight, Jan./Feb., p. 10
   and broiled, grilled, or barbecued meats, fish, or poultry, Jun., p. 10
   colon cancer and folate, May, p.1, Dec., p. 8
   and diet, Dec., p. 1
   and fat intake, Mar., p. 1
   prostate cancer and vitamin E, May, p. 1
   and selenium, May, p. 1
   and soy, Sept., p. 1
   and walking, Mar., p. 13

Cereals, hot
   oatmeal and energy, May, p. 8
   ratings, Mar., p. 14

   Parmesan, Mar., back cover
   why and how to cut back, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Cholesterol in blood, LDL, HDL (seeHeart disease”)

Cholesterol in foods (seeFats & cholesterol”)

Chondroitin and arthritis, Jan./Feb., p. 3

   and echinacea, Apr., p. 8
   and zinc, Apr., p. 9, Oct., p. 13

Cookie ratings, Dec., p. 13

DASH diet, Mar., p. 1

Depression and St. John’s wort, Oct., p. 8

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
   in eggs, Jul./Aug., p.14
   supplements, Jul./Aug., p. 8

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), May, p. 9

   and magnesium, Dec., p. 9
   and sugar, Nov., p. 1

Echinacea, Apr., p. 8

E. coli O157:H7 bacteria (seeFood safety”)

   American Egg Board’s ads, Jan./Feb., p. 2
   EggsPlus, Jul./Aug., p. 14

   and breast cancer, Oct., p. 13
   cancer and walking, Mar., p. 13
   and oatmeal, May, p. 8
   and obesity, Jul./Aug., p. 1
   and risk of dying, Oct., p. 13

Fats & cholesterol (see also Cancer,” “Heart disease,” “Ratings of brand-name
   & fresh foods
,” and Weight & weight loss”)
   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   and heart disease and weight loss, Mar., p. 1
   omega-3 fats in fish, Jun., p. 7
   and stroke, Mar., p. 13

   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   Cheerios and heart disease, Jul./Aug., p. 7

Fish & shellfish (see also Recipes”)
   and heart disease, Jun., p. 7
   and mercury, Jun., p. 1
   omega-3 fats in, Jun., p. 7
   and overfishing, Jun., p. 1

Folate (folic acid) (seeVitamins & minerals”)

Food Porn (back cover)
   Au Bon Pain sandwiches, Mar.
   Burger King Cini-minis, Sept.
   Burger King french fries, Apr.
   Ensure bars, May
   Fruitopia, Dec.
   Good Humor Candy Center Crunch, Jun.
   Jell-O No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Dessert, Jul./Aug.
   McDonald’s McFlurry, Nov.
   Sunbelt Banana Nut Granola Cereal with Bananas & Almonds, Jan./Feb.
   Sweet’N Low Sugar Free Chocolatey Wafer Bars, Oct.

Food safety
   E. coli O157:H7, Salmonella, irradiation, Sept., p.8
   Safe Food Quiz, Oct., p. 1
   safe kitchen tips, Sept. p. 8
   Vibrio vulnificus in raw oysters, Oct., p. 7

   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   how to pick, May, p. 11
   ratings, May, p. 14

Ginkgo biloba, May, p. 9

Glucosamine and arthritis, Jan./Feb., p. 3

Headaches, migraines
   and magnesium, Dec., p. 9
   and vitamin B-2, Jul./Aug., p. 7

Healthy diet, 10 steps to, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Heart disease
   and alcohol, May, p. 8
   and Cheerios, Jul./Aug., p. 7
   and fat intake, Mar., p. 1
   and fish, Jun., p. 7
   and folate, vitamins B-6 and E, May, p. 1
   and magnesium, Dec., p. 9
   rating your risk, Nov., p. 9
   and soy, Sept., p. 1
   and sugar, Nov., p. 1
   vitamins and blood flow, Mar., p. 13

Herbs (seeSupplements”)

Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) in meat, fish, and poultry, Jun., p. 10

High blood pressure (see also Heart diseaseandStroke”)
   DASH diet, Mar., p. 1
   and magnesium, Dec., p. 9
   and salt, Jun., p. 9

Hormones (seeSupplements”)

Ice cream ratings, Jun., p. 13

Iron (seeVitamins & minerals”)

Irradiation, Sept., p. 8

Kava, Oct., p. 8

Kitchen Fun For Kids video, Nov., p. 13

Magnesium (seeVitamins & minerals”)

   how and why to cut back, Jan./Feb., p. 1
   Promise trans-free margarines, Jan./Feb., back cover

Meat (see also Veggie (meatless) meats”)
   and cancer, Jun., p. 10, Dec., p. 1
   lower-fat bacon, hot dogs, sausage ratings, Jul./Aug., p. 11
   why and how to cut back, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Memory and ginkgo, vitamin E, May, p. 9

Menopause and soy, Sept., p. 1

Menus, low-fat or high-unsaturated-fat, Mar., p. 1

   1% Or Less campaign, Oct., p. 2
   why switch to low-fat, Jan./Feb., p. 1

New Year’s resolutions, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Obesity and overweight (seeWeight & weight loss”)

Olestra (seeArtificial fats & sweeteners”)

Organic foods
   nutrients in, Jul./Aug., p. 14
   organic standards, Apr., p. 2, Oct., p. 2

   and calcium, vitamin D, Apr., p. 1
   and magnesium, Dec., p. 9
   and soft drinks, Nov., p. 8
   and soy, Sept., p. 1

Oysters, raw (seeFood safety”)

   and breast cancer, Jan./Feb., p. 10
   how to wash off, Mar., p. 8

Potato ratings, frozen and refrigerated, Nov., p. 14

Quiz, food safety, Oct., p. 1

Ratings of brand-name & fresh foods
   cookies, Dec., p. 13
   frozen desserts, Jun., p. 13
   frozen and refrigerated potatoes, Nov., p.14
   fruit, May, p. 14
   hot cereals, Mar., p. 14
   lower-fat bacon, hot dogs, and sausages, Jul./Aug., p.11
   meatless bacon, deli slices, hot dogs, and sausages, Oct., p. 14
   sandwiches, Sept., p. 12
   take-out meals, Jan./Feb., p. 12
   yogurt, Apr., p. 14

   Broccoli-and-Cannellini-Bean Salad, Jul./Aug., p. 10
   Caribbean Stew, Mar., p. 12
   Chicken with Cranberries, Oct., p. 12
   Chicken Curry with Yogurt, May, p. 10
   Curried Pumpkin Soup, Oct., p. 12
   Grapefruit-Mint Chicken, Dec., p. 12
   Hurry-Up Shrimp Curry, Mar., p. 12
   Kate Aloo (Cut Potatoes), Oct., p. 12
   marinades, Jun., p. 12
   Mexican Green Rice with Spinach, Mar., p. 12
   My Favorite Chickpeas, Jan./Feb., p. 11
   Oven-Steamed Flounder with Cantonese Flavors, May, p. 10
   Quick Cajun Fish, Jan./Feb., p. 11
   Raspberry-Balsamic Glazed Chicken, May, p. 10
   sandwiches, Sept., p. 11
   Scallion & Ginger Chicken, Dec., p. 12
   Southern-Style Curried Sweet Potatoes, Jan./Feb., p. 11
   Spiced Apricot Chicken, Dec., p. 12
   Thin Salmon Scallops with Herb Dressing, Jul./Aug., p. 10
   Turkey Cutlets with Balsamic-Glazed Peppers, Jul./Aug., p. 10

Right Stuff (back cover)
   Bravissimo! Pizza, Jul./Aug.
   Cooley’s SmoothyPaks, Dec.
   Denny’s Slim Slam breakfast, May
   Gardenburgers, Oct.
   Gardenburger Hamburger Style, Apr.
   Parmesan cheese, Mar.
   Promise Margarine, Jan./Feb.
   Subway sandwiches, Sept.
   White Wave Baked Tofu, Nov.
   Whole Foods Baked Woven Wheats, Jun.

Saccharin (seeArtificial fats & sweeteners”)

Salatrim (seeArtificial fats & sweeteners”)

Salmonella bacteria (seeFood safety”)

Salt (seeSodium”)

Sandwiches (see also Recipes”)
   ratings, Sept., p. 12
   recipes, Sept., p. 11
   Subway, Sept., back cover

Seafood (seeFish & shellfish”)

Selenium (seeVitamins & minerals”)

Shark cartilage and arthritis, Jan./Feb., p. 3

Sodium (see also Ratings of brand-name & fresh foods”)
   and blood pressure, Jun., p. 9
   why and how to cut back, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Soft drinks, Jan./Feb., p. 1, Nov., p. 1, 8, Dec., p. 2

   and cancer, heart disease, menopause, osteoporosis, Sept., p. 1
   tofu, Nov., back page

St. John’s wort
   and depression, Oct., p. 8
   side effects, Dec., p. 8

Stroke (see also High blood pressure”)
   and fat intake, Nov., p. 9
   and folate and vitamin E, May, p. 1
   and magnesium, Dec., p. 9
   rating your risk, Nov., p. 9

Sugar (see also Ratings of brand-name & fresh foods”)
   in foods, Nov., p. 6
   and obesity, heart disease, and empty calories, Nov., p. 1

Supplements (see also Vitamins & minerals”)
   5-HTP, Dec, p. 8
   adverse effects, Jul./Aug., p. 14
   and arthritis, Jan./Feb., p. 3
   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   DHEA, May, p. 9
   echinacea, Apr., p. 8
   ginkgo biloba, May, p. 9
   isoflavones, Sept., p. 1
   kava, Oct., p. 8
   St. John’s wort, Oct., p. 8

Take-out meal ratings, Jan./Feb., p. 12

Triglycerides (seeHeart disease”)

   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   how and why to eat more, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Veggie (meatless) meats
   Gardenburgers, Apr., Oct., back cover
   meatless bacon, deli slices, hot dogs, and sausage ratings, Oct., p. 14

Vibrio vulnificus bacteria, Oct., p. 7

Vitamins & minerals (see also Supplements”)
   calcium and osteoporosis, Apr., p. 1
   calcium supplements, Apr., p.1, May, p.1
   folate and birth defects and heart disease, May, p. 1
   folate and colon cancer, Dec. p. 8
   magnesium, Dec., p. 9
   vitamin B-2 and migraines, Jul./Aug., p. 7
   vitamin C and DNA damage, Jul./Aug., p. 7
   vitamins C and E and beta-carotene and angioplasty, Jan./Feb., p. 10
   vitamins C and E and blood flow, Mar., p. 13
   vitamin D and bones, Apr., p. 1
   vitamin E and Alzheimer’s, May, p. 9
   what to take (calcium, folate, iron, selenium, and vitamins B-6, B-12, D,
     and E), May, p. 1
   zinc and colds, Apr., p. 9, Oct. p. 13

Weight & weight loss
   and aging, Jan./Feb., p. 10
   and blood pressure, Jun., p. 9
   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   and fat intake, Mar., p. 1
   and serving sizes, Jul./Aug., p. 1
   and soft drinks, Nov., p. 8
   and sugar, Nov., p. 1
   toxic food environment, Jul./Aug., p. 1

Whole grains
   and cancer, Dec., p. 1
   crackers, Jun., back cover
   why and how to eat more, Jan./Feb., p. 1

Yogurt ratings, Apr., p. 14

Yummi Bears, Jul./Aug., p. 14

Zinc (seeVitamins & minerals”)

Nutrition Action Healthletter