Sugary Drinks

Most Chain Restaurant Soda Fountain Drinks Exceed Full Day’s Worth of Added Sugars, Report Finds
Strong support for warning icons on chain restaurant sugary drinks, according to New York poll


Move the Nutrition Equity Act Forward.

The Nutrition Equity Amendment Act of 2021 will address inequities in access to healthy, affordable food and drinks in Washington, DC. In order for the bill to move forward, it needs to have a hearing in the Committee on Business and Economic Development. Email the committee chair, Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie, to ask him to hold the next hearing to advance this critical legislation.

Tell Congress that Big Soda is damaging the health of Americans. Support the SWEET Act!

The SWEET Act would create a national tax on sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, fruit drinks with added sugar, and energy drinks, and give Congress the chance to invest billions in annual revenue in our health. Ask your representative to cosponsor this critical legislation to prioritize public health!

Dr. Marion Nestle, Professor, Author & Public Health Advocate, will Moderate 3 Panel Discussions

Stop Sugary Drink Marketing to Massachusetts Kids in Schools and Restaurants

Food and beverage companies spend nearly $2 billion a year marketing to children, impacting their food and beverage choices, diets, and health. Tell Massachusetts state legislators to support H.2333/S.1464 to protect children from the health risks of sugary drinks.

A grade-school child looks up from her school lunch tray

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