Sugary Drinks

Dr. Marion Nestle, Professor, Author & Public Health Advocate, will Moderate 3 Panel Discussions

Stop Sugary Drink Marketing to Massachusetts Kids in Schools and Restaurants

Food and beverage companies spend nearly $2 billion a year marketing to children, impacting their food and beverage choices, diets, and health. Tell Massachusetts state legislators to support H.2333/S.1464 to protect children from the health risks of sugary drinks.

A grade-school child looks up from her school lunch tray

soda can

Build a healthier DC

In Washington, DC, longstanding inequities exist when it comes to access to healthy, affordable food and drinks. By passing the Nutrition Equity Amendment Act of 2021, we can address these inequities and invest in our community’s health. Please email your councilmember today and urge them to support this crucial legislation.

The SWEET Act Would Tax Sugary Drinks up to $.03 per Ounce

A New Sugary Drink Tax Will Help Alleviate Hunger for Rhode Island’s Most Vulnerable Families

H5715 and S0327 are bills currently being considered by the Rhode Island General Assembly that would promote health equity by reducing consumption of sugary drinks and using the revenue generated from a 1.5 cent per ounce sugary drink tax to alleviate hunger for Rhode Island’s most vulnerable families. The tax revenue will be reinvested in the community to directly fund a new Retail SNAP Incentive Program (RSIP), enabling all Rhode Islanders who buy their groceries with SNAP benefits to receive 50% off their fresh fruit and vegetable purchases at the grocery store.

“Building Community, Building Health” is Theme; House Appropriations Chair Rosa DeLauro to Keynote Day One