Are Unexpected Food Dyes Hiding in Your Holiday Treats?


Temptation abounds during the holidays, but sugar and saturated fat are not the only reason to be wary of holiday treats.

Even natural-looking colors, like brown and white, can contain hidden synthetic dyes that carry risks, from cancer to hyperactivity in children.

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Think this happy carrot-wearing snowman is free from synthetic dyes? Think again. Unnecessary synthetic dyes trigger adverse behavior in some children.

One type of marshmallows has blue # 1 dye, the other doesn’t. Can you tell the difference?

Do we really need Blue #1, Red #40, and Yellow #6 in this hot chocolate?

Do you know which food dyes are hiding in this warm winter mug? Synthetic food dyes cause behavioral risks in sensitive children.

Looking for a dye-free and healthy way to celebrate? Check out these healthy and colorful ideas for holiday parties.

A healthy train, made from fruits and veggies, is a festive holiday snack