New Coke Ad Links Ted Ligety's Success to Soda Consumption

Statement of CSPI Health Promotion Policy Director Jim O'Hara


Who knows how many young girls and boys might have seen Coca-Cola's reckless and irresponsible ad on the Olympics broadcast last night suggesting that Ted Ligety's success is due to his consumption of Coca-Cola. Coke, like Pepsi and other sugar drinks, promotes obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems. Regular consumption of these drinks makes it far less likely that one will achieve athletic success.

Ted Ligety joins Michelle Kwan, Drew Brees, Shaquille O'Neal, and a regrettably long list of athletes and entertainers who have decided to supplement their incomes by promoting illness among their young fans. At some point in the future many of those stars will regret their endorsements of "liquid candy" as much as the celebrities of yesteryear who promoted Marlboros and Virginia Slims.

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