New Campbell Soup CEO to Give Consumers Less Choice on Salt

Statement of CSPI Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson

July 13, 2011

When, in 2006, Campbell Soup Co. announced that it had reformulated many of its soups to contain less sodium, then-president of Campbellís USA Denise Morrison told the Associated Press: ďWe look at it as the enabler to talk about the other health benefits of soup.Ē

Unfortunately for millions of hypertensive Americans who have the occasional can of Campbell soup, itís going to be a lot harder for the company to talk about the health benefits of soup. And how patronizing for Morrison, now the new chief executive, to claim that adding more salt to Campbellís soups gives consumers more choice. Consumers are always free to add salt, but itís impossible for them to get rid of the new salt Campbell has added. Why not trust consumers to add as much or as little as they want?

If Campbell has reason to believe consumers donít like the taste of their products, why resort to salt? Why not improve their soups with more and better-quality vegetables and chicken, or with herbs and spices? I suppose thatís a question that answers itself, and the answer is money. Campbell enjoys a huge profit margin selling what are often basically overpriced disease-promoting cans of salt and water.


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