Conn. Governor Sides with Soda over Parents & Kids Health

Statement of CSPI Nutrition Policy Director Margo G. Wootan


We are extremely disappointed that Governor Jodi Rell vetoed the school nutrition bill. By siding with soda companies, Governor Rell has undermined parents' ability to feed their children healthful diets.

Soda is already the single biggest source of calories for many kids and today Governor Rell has pretty much guaranteed that that will remain the case in Connecticut.

By vetoing this legislation, Governor Rell is keeping Connecticut's school-aged children at increased risk of tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes. Perhaps this is not surprising, given that Coca-Cola's fight against this bill was led by a former top campaign advisor to Governor Rell. But it is a shame nevertheless.

Governor Rell's veto has little to do with 'local control' of school foods. Coke and other junk-food companies fight local control tooth and nail whenever local school systems try to improve school foods.

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