Hardee's Monster Thickburger More Porno Than Ever

Statement of CSPI Executive Director Michael F. Jacobson

November 16, 2004

We first labeled Hardee's Thickburger as "Food Porn" when it was some 200 calories smaller than the Monster version Hardee's is rolling out today. But if the old Thickburger was Food Porn, the new Monster Thickburger is the fast-food equivalent of a snuff film.

At a time of rampant heart disease and obesity, it is the height of corporate irresponsibility for a major chain to peddle a 1,420-calorie sandwich. Eating one of these Thickburgers would be like eating two Big Macs or five McDonald's hamburgers. Add 600 calories worth of Hardee's fries and you get more than the 2,000 calories that many people should eat in a whole day. If Hardee's persists in marketing this junk, it should at least list calories right up on the menu board.

Also, shame on any National Football League player who agrees to participate in Hardee's sinister marketing efforts. To link oversized bacon double cheeseburgers and other junk foods to athletic performance in any way is reckless.


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