Nutrition Action Healthletter
May 1998 — U.S. Edition

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Slam Dunk

Healthy restaurant breakfast? Right. Tell us another one.

Go with most popular breakfast specials and you ll waddle out the door having blown a day s fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium not to mention 1,000 calories.

Not the best way to start your day.

There's always cereal with fruit. But if you want a hot meal, give Denny's Slim Slam breakfast a whirl.

That's right, Denny's...the same Denny's whose Grand Slam belt-buster (two eggs, two pancakes, two strips of bacon, and two sausage links) packs 1,000 calories, 60 grams of fat (16 of them saturated), and 460 milligrams of cholesterol.

The Slim Slam slashes the calories to 610, the fat to 13 grams, the sat fat to three grams, and the cholesterol to 35 mg.

How does Denny s do it? The scrambled eggs are made with Egg Beaters, the fatty sausage and bacon are replaced by lean grilled ham, and there are pieces of real fruit in the sugary blueberry, cherry, or strawberry topping that's served on the side instead of margarine or butter.

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Our only slam on the Slam: Like just about every restaurant meal, the Slim Slam has too much salt (1,790 milligrams).

Denny's -- (800) 733-6697

Complete Junk

Liquid Ensure is a largely useless baby formula for seniors a mixture of sugar, oil, water, and protein plus vitamins and minerals. Yet Ross Products, the giant baby formula maker, isn't ashamed to try to convince everyone over 30 that it's the fountain of youth.

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Now Ross has tossed the same stuff into an expensive low-fat, high-sugar candy bar.

Never mind that the feds went after liquid Ensure for making unsubstantiated claims like #1 Doctor Recommended. (Ensure agreed to stop, but never did.)

Never mind that neither liquid nor candy-bar Ensure is complete, since both lack the fiber and phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables that may prevent cancer.

Never mind that even among 100 frail nursing home residents, an Ensure-like liquid supplement had no impact on muscle strength or frailty. So much for the label's claim that Ensure Bars or liquid help people stay healthy, energetic, and active.

Ensure may help people who are too sick to eat. But now, instead of a banana or yogurt or salad for lunch, millions of people will reach for an Ensure Bar.

Hey, who needs real food anyway? Why not just expand the line to include cookies, cakes, and ice cream with complete, balanced nutrition? That's a much bigger market than baby formulas.

Ross Products -- (800) 227-5767

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