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Fiber Fix
Looking for a new cereal to get you both senses of the word? Whole grains are the answer. But, brans aside, it’s tough to find cereals with more than a few grams of fiber.

   From Kashi To Good Friends Seven Whole Grains & Sesame cold cereal is a happy antidote to the fiber deficit. It’s a mix of tastes and textures—flakes, twigs, and granola—made from whole oats, brown rice, rye, red winter wheat, triticale, buckwheat, barley, and sesame seeds. One spoonful of this pleasantly crunchy jumble and you’ll want another.

   It’s flavored with just enough cane juice, honey, and fruit juice concentrate to give it a tad over one teaspoon of sugar per serving, the same as a bowl of Post Bran Flakes. It’s also low in sodium and virtually fat-free.

   Unlike most breakfast cereals, Kashi isn’t fortified. But its whole grains should supply what’s milled out at the refinery: vitamins E and B-6, magnesium, zinc, copper, and precious phytochemicals that may cut your risk of cancer and heart disease.

   With eight grams of fiber in each 3/4-cup serving, Kashi beats Quaker Oat Bran (six grams), and it’s within striking distance of Kellogg’s All-Bran (10 grams) or All-Bran Extra Fiber (13 grams).

   So slice in some bananas or berries and dig in. Whole grains never tasted so good.

Kashi Company: (858) 274-8870.
Out In Left Field
“From a single retail shop in Northern California to worldwide recognition, Mrs. Fields is a true American success story,” reports each new box of Mrs. Fields Premium Cookies.

   An American success story...doing its part to bolster the American obesity epidemic.

   Now you don’t have to wait until you’re at the airport or passing a Mrs. Fields retail outlet to sink your teeth into one of her “indulgent-size” cookies. You can “treat yourself to a little indulgence” any time, night or day. A little here, a little there... a little on your derriere.

   Take the White Chunk Macadamia cookies. The first ingredient—white chunk chips—consists mostly of sugar, whole milk powder, and partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil (palm kernel is twice as saturated as lard before it’s hydrogenated).

   Add them to a batter of white flour, sugar, butter, and margarine and “indulgence” is putting it mildly. Each cookie has close to five grams of saturated fat—as much as four strips of bacon. The other flavors—Oatmeal Raisin with Nuts, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip, and Milk Chocolate Chip—aren’t much different.

   The best you can say about Mrs. Fields’ new cookies is that they’re half the size of the cookie monsters in her stores. That’s not the case with her new line of ready-to-bake frozen Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough, conveniently pre-portioned to yield those oversized in-store morsels.

   Eat too many and oversized may end up referring to more than just the cookies.

Mrs. Fields: (877) 712-1615.
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