Nutrition Action Healthletter
January/February 2001 — U.S. Edition 

Additional Cheese Information

Top Sources of Saturated Fat In Adults’ Diets

1. Cheese
2. Beef
3. Milk
4. Baked goods
5. Margarine
6. Butter
7. Ice cream/frozen desserts
8. Salad dressings/mayonnaise
9. Poultry

Source: Subar AF, Krebs-Smith SM, Cook A, Kahle LH. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 1998;98(5):540.

Top Ways Cheese is Eaten

1. On sandwiches and burgers
2. As a snack
3. On pizza
Source: International Dairy Foods Association

About 70% of cheese is eaten on sandwiches and burgers, on pizza, or as a snack.

Cutting Cheese Cuts Fat
To cut artery-clogging saturated fat, leave the cheese off sandwiches and burgers, order pizza with half the usual amount of cheese, or use reduced-fat cheese.
Dietary Switch Saturated-fat savings,
percent of day’s budget (grams)*
Calorie savings
McDonald’s Cheeseburger to Hamburger 10% (2g) 50
McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese to Quarter Pounder without cheese 25% (5g) 100
Burger King Cheeseburger to Hamburger 10% (2g) 40
Burger King Whopper with cheese to Whopper without cheese 25% (5g) 100
Deli ham sandwich with cheese to ham sandwich without cheese 30% (6g) 105
Deli turkey sandwich with cheese to turkey sandwich without cheese 30% (6g) 105
Cheese pizza to pizza with 1/2 the usual amount of cheese (2 slices from large pie)** 20% (4g) 80
Regular cheddar cheese to Cabot 75% Light cheddar cheese (1 oz) 20% (4g) 55
Cream cheese to Philadelphia Light, tub
(2 Tbs)
10% (2g) 40
Swiss cheese, regular to Jarlsberg Lite (1 oz) 15% (3g) 35
Source: Information from manufacturers and Center for Science in the Public Interest studies.

* The Daily Value (day’s budget) for a 2000-calorie diet for saturated fat is 20 g and for total fat is 65 g.
** Average of several major pizza chains.

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