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Campbell's Soup Labels Hide Dangerous Sodium Levels

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CSPI plans to take Campbell Soup Company to court for misleading consumers about the nutritional and health qualities of its Healthy Request microwavable soup bowl.

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Campbell markets its Healthy Request soups as being "heart healthy." The company bases its claims and sodium disclosures on a 1-cup serving—far less than most people eat and far less than Campbell depicts in commercials and print ads. Campbell's advertisements even imply that the entire container is to be consumed at one eating occasion. In addition, the packaging bears the trusted American Heart Association stamp, which is based on a single-serving sodium amount. But the individual-sized non-resealable microwavable bowls contain two of these purported "servings," so the total sodium is over 800 mg! Far above the cap for receiving the American Heart Association stamp and far more than what anyone who is concerned about high blood pressure or heart disease should be consuming in a single eating occasion.


This kind of misleading representation of the soup's nutritional contents is unfair to consumer and poses a danger to their health. Consumers put their trust in recognized brands like Campbell's and in organizations like the American Heart Association, to give them accurate, straightforward nutrition information.

CSPI strongly believes that consumers should not have to turn over the container to discover that the "heart healthy" claim on the front of the package is only true if you eat half of the individual-sized container and that if you eat the whole thing, you may be harming your heart far more than helping it.

  1. Have you purchased a Campbell's Healthy Request microwavable soup bowl in the last two years?
  2. Were you tricked into thinking that one bowl contained a single serving?
  3. Were you tricked into believing that this would be a heart healthy choice for you or a loved one?

If so, please contact us at by phone at (202) 777-8394 or by email at

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