Food Safety: Legislation

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Legislation—111th Congress

CSPI works with the United States Congress and State legislatures to improve food safety laws in the United States so that consumers are better protected from foodborne disease. We represent the interests of consumers in the halls of government through direct advocacy and by providing expert testimony in support of more effective laws and regulations.

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act updates one of our principle food safety laws. Until now, the Food and Drug Administration has been charged with picking up the pieces after people get sick. The 2010 FDA Food Safety Modernization Act gives FDA responsibility for ensuring that domestic and foreign food companies have systems in place to prevent hazardous (and sometimes deadly) pathogens from getting into the food supply. Read about the principles of a modern food safety system, what this legislation does, and why some of the claims being made by opponents of the bill are simply wrong.

Principles for a Stronger Food Safety System

What the Legislation Does

Myths and Facts

Funding Food Safety. Chronic underfunding of the Food and Drug Administration puts American’s health at risk. Read about CSPI’s efforts to ensure that FDA is adequately funded to carry out its responsibilities to protect consumers from foodborne disease.

Other Food Safety Legislation. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act isn’t the only food safety bill introduced in the 111th Congress. Read what other food safety legislation would do and find links to the congressional website where you can find out more about the status and supporters of these bills.

110th Congress