Ensure Nutrition Shakes


CSPI's litigation department sent a letter instructing Abbot Laboratories that it will face a lawsuit if it continues to make deceptive and illegal claims in connection with its Ensure Complete Nutrition Shake and Ensure Muscle Health Shake.

Abbott misleadingly markets these shakes to the general public as a twice daily "habit that could help you feel better," and as "part of a healthy diet," despite the fact that they are made mostly of water, sugar, and corn maltodextrin, and contain between 250 and 350 calories. Abbott also misleads consumers about the omega-3 content of these products and makes illegal and unauthorized health claims and disease prevention claims.

These misleading claims are in violation of state consumer protection laws. CSPI has notified Abbott Laboratories that unless the company ceases it’s misleading marketing tactics and unsubstantiated health and disease prevention claims in connection with Ensure Complete Nutrition Shake and Ensure Muscle Health Shake, CSPI will pursue class action litigation.

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