Warning Labeling



Update: TTB recognizes Smirnoff vodka warning label violations. -- 5/28/03


Letter: CSPI asks TTB to take action against a violation of federal warning label requirements on Smirnoff vodka bottles. [PDF] -- 5/7/03


Press Release: Alcohol warning labels go unnoticed, poll finds -- 8/20/01


Final Results: CSPI alcohol labeling study -- 8/20/01


Summary of Findings: CSPI alcohol beverage health warning statement study -- 8/20/01


Comments: The alcohol beverage health warning statement - 8/20/01


Statement: Health officials support of improved warning label requirements for alcoholic beverages -- 8/20/01


Action Alert: Alcoholic-beverage health warnings -- 5/25/01


Petition to BATF: Alcoholic-beverage warning labels -- 11/17/99


Press Release: Members of Congress and 121 groups urge alcoholic-beverage warning label improvements -- 11/17/99

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