Beyond the Curve: Dr. Peter Lurie's covid-19 blog

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has tried to monitor the blizzard of COVID-19 information and digest the latest developments for you. Early in the pandemic, we put together an Evidence Hub, which is a one-stop-shopping outlet for all international websites with clinical trial information. Next, when the first vaccines came along at the end of last year, we developed a Vaccine Table, which summarizes the evolving information on the topic of vaccines – still the surest way to protect yourself and those around you. We update information on their protectiveness against new variants and have recently added information about booster shots.

Today, in the same vein as our Vaccine Table, we’re launching a COVID-19 Therapeutics Table, which summarizes the latest scientific information on seven drugs with activity against SARS-CoV-2. We cover how the products work, how effective they are (including against the variants), any safety concerns, and much more in language that’s accessible to consumers. We’ll make sure to keep this up to date as new information arises.