Lynn Silver, MD, MPH, is a pediatrician, public health researcher and advocate, currently Senior Advisor at the Public Health Institute and Clinical Professor at the University of California San Francisco. She focuses on policies to prevent noncommunicable and its risk factors, including unhealthy diet, at home and globally.  Silver was Assistant Health Commissioner of New York City under Mayor Bloomberg, leading the groundbreaking team that launched the nation’s first trans fat ban, calorie labeling law, and the National Salt Reduction Initiative, and worked on the Berkeley team that passed the nation’s first soda tax. She chairs the California Alliance for Prevention Funding, working on creating a Health Equity and Racial Justice Fund in California, is leads the Getting it Right from the Start  initiative to incorporate lessons from tobacco control to better regulate the emerging legal cannabis industry. Silver oversees a portfolio of policy research on food , including soda tax evaluation, and on cannabis regulation. She was also the former Director of the College of Health Sciences of the University of Brasilia, has worked widely in Latin America on access to health care, safety of medicines, and prevention of noncommunicable disease,  and was a Visiting Scholar of International Health at the Karolinska Institute.