These days, clamshells or bags of fresh—even organic—greens are just about everywhere.

Ever muse about having something other than baby spinach or baby kale or spring mix?

Organicgirl to the rescue. Her pre-washed Good Clean Greens offer a handful of new twists to supercharge your salads. Our faves:

The Mâche Rosettes are sweet, mild, crisp, and extraordinarily delicate. (Mâche—pronounced "mosh"—is an "heirloom green prized for centuries by Europeans for its fresh, nutty flavor.") Dress the leaves lightly with a vinaigrette, toss them by hand, and eat them quickly.

Ditto for the Mâche Blend (baby chard, mache rosettes, tango lettuce) and the sublime Sweet Pea (sweet pea shoots, baby bok choy, plus romaine, lolla rosa, and three other kinds of lettuce).

The more robust Super Spinach! (baby spinach, bok choy, kale) and Super-greens! (baby chard, tat soi, spinach, arugula) can handle richer, creamier dressings like ranch and caesar. And they don't wilt as quickly.

For an OMG moment, stir-fry either for one to two minutes with minced garlic and a splash of reduced-sodium soy sauce.

Since we're talking leafy greens, any of the blends will give you a serious dose of vitamins and minerals for just a handful of calories.

That makes them kind of...organicgreat.

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Photo: Jolene Mafnas/CSPI.