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Meet Oikos Pro, the new protein-packed lowfat yogurt on the dairy block.

Dannon uses cultured milk that’s been filtered (which concentrates its protein and calcium) plus whey. The result: an uber-creamy, pudding-like texture. Mmm.

Take your pick of flavors like Strawberry, Banana, Mixed Berry, Peach, Vanilla, and Plain.

What’s more, its “Reb M” stevia leaf extract sweetener—Pro adds no sugar—does an impressive job. Say goodbye to ordinary stevia’s occasional bitter aftertaste.

Compared to a typical sugar-sweetened lowfat Greek yogurt like Chobani 2%, Pro packs more protein (20 vs. 11 grams in a 5.3 oz. container), more calcium (15 vs. 10 percent of a day’s worth), and a little less saturated fat (0 vs. 1½ grams). That’s all for about the same calories (140).

Of course, most of us already get enough protein. And only strength training, not extra protein, can build muscle. But if your yogurt is, say, the main event at breakfast or lunch, 20 grams of protein is a good deal.

Looking for a flavored Greek or Icelandic yogurt with little or no added sugar and no extra protein? Try Oikos Triple Zero, Siggi’s 0% or 2%, Chobani Complete or Less Sugar, or Two Good.

Way to go, gurts!


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