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Soy, almond, coconut. Wherever the plant milks go, the plant creamers aren’t far behind. So hello, oats!

Even if you’re a dairy devotee, a splash of Califia Farms Unsweetened Oat Creamer deserves a shot in your coffee. For starters, it's oh-so creamy, with that rich texture and pleasantly nutty taste that put oat milk on the map. More perks:

The unsweetened oat creamer has no added sugar

With its top-notch taste, we didn’t even miss the Unsweetened’s missing sugar. Prefer just a little sweetness? Try Califia Vanilla or Hazelnut Oat Creamer. Each tablespoon has just 2 grams (half a teaspoon) of sugar. Most flavored creamers—from brands like Coffee mate, Natural Bliss, Chobani, and Silk—have twice that much. (Tip: For a flavored unsweetened creamer, try Nutpods Oat Cinnamon Swirl or French Vanilla.)

Oat creamers have no dairy fat

Califia’s oat creamers get their richness from the healthy fats in sunflower oil, not from cream. So instead of the 1 gram of saturated fat in a tablespoon of half and half, you get zip.

Again, that sets Califia apart. Many plant creamers tack on sat fat from coconut cream or oil. International Delight’s liquid sugar-and-oil creamers get theirs from palm oil. And if your coffee is, say, 16 oz. (the size of a Starbucks “grande”), the sat fat can add up.

“Stir some bliss into your day with our velvety-smooth unsweetened oat creamer,” says Califia’s bottle.

We’ll drink to that.

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