“From makeshift work-from-home spaces to splitting household chores, this past year couples were forced to share much more than usual,” explained the press release introducing Philadelphia Cheesecake Crumbles.

“One major pain point is sharing that last bite of food, especially when it comes to sharing something particularly delicious, like cheesecake. In fact, 53% of couples say they have argued over sharing the last bite of dessert.”

Solution: “A personal serving of Philadelphia Cheesecake that you don’t have to share.”

Brilliant! To solve the relationship-threatening “last-bite dilemma,” Kraft Heinz packs each (roughly 1/3-cup) serving of cheesecake in its own plastic tub, and the toppings in a separate plastic tub. Sheesh.

And each 340-calorie Original Crumble packs in three-quarters of a day’s saturated fat, 1 gram of (naturally occurring) trans fat, and 4 teaspoons of added sugar. You can thank the usual suspects—like cream, butter, corn syrup, and flour.

Those numbers are about what you’d get from a 2/3-cup serving of Häagen-Dazs ice cream (but in fewer bites). The Strawberry, Cherry, and Chocolate Hazelnut Crumbles are similar.

“Is your relationship one-bite-of-cheesecake from crumbling?” asks the website. If so, your own personal tub may not help.