“Häagen-Dazs Launches New Breakthrough Innovation,” declared the press release in February.

“We took a rich butter cookie, made it into an indulgent cone, then wrapped it around luxurious Häagen-Dazs ice cream,” explains the company’s website.

The Butter Cookie Cone “possesses all the characteristics of a traditional butter cookie made with butter, sugar and flour, but with more personality, style and attitude,” noted the press release. It’s a frozen treat that’s “wrapped in unexpected moments of luxury.”

No old-fashioned crispy sugar cone (despite the name, each has just a teaspoon of sugar) for Häagen-Dazs, which adds butter plus coconut oil, probably to help keep the cone’s chocolatey coating solid at room temperature. Talk about personality!

Each petite 300-calorie Chocolate ice cream cone has 8 grams of saturated fat (40 percent of a day’s worth) plus 3½ teaspoons of added sugar (nearly a third of a day’s supply). The Coffee, Strawberry, and Vanilla flavors are in the same ballpark. And at $8.99 for a pack of four, you’re paying luxury prices!

Our advice: Head for Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars or (if you’re dairy-free) So Delicious Vanilla Almondmilk Sandwiches for only 100 calories. Or buy a box of cones and scoop your own...with attitude!