CSPI International
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Diet and Health Documents pre-2005

The World Health Organization's Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health: Turning Strategy Into Action
— December, 2005

Quantitative Ingredient Declaration (QUID) On Food Labelling - Promoting Consumer Health and Preventing Unfair Trade Practices
— May 10, 2005

World Health Organization Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health
— May 22, 2004

Joint US/EU Limits On Food Marketing Urged To Combat Obesity Crisis
— May 5, 2004

Broadcasting bad health: Why food marketing to children needs to be controlled
— July, 2003

International Consumer Coalition Urges UN Committee to Call for Improved Food Labelling
— May 2, 2002

Codex Committee on Food Labelling: Discussion Paper on Quantitative Ingredient Declaration
— May 2000

Functional Foods: Public Health Boon or 21st Century Quackery? An International Comparison
— 1999

Consumer Groups Call for Greater Regulation of “Functional Foods”
— March 1999

Food Labeling for the 21st Century
A Global Agenda for Action
— May 1998

Using Food Labeling to Improve Diet and Health:
An Examination of the U.S. Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, by Bruce Silverglade, Director of Legal Affairs