CSPI Calls on House to Fix FDA Reform Bill by Eliminating Conflict-of-Interest Waivers

Statement of CSPI Integrity in Science Director Merrill Goozner

May 9, 2007

It is disappointing that with a tie vote today, the Senate did not move toward ending the discredited practice of letting scientists with financial conflicts of interest serve on FDA advisory panels. Permitting experts with financial ties to drug companies to vote in FDA advisory committee meetings can have serious public health consequences.

Were grateful for the leadership of Senators Richard Durbin, Jeff Bingaman, and Barack Obama in offering their amendment today. There is clearly bipartisan support for limiting, if not ending altogether, the FDAs ability to waive conflict-of-interest rules. And we hope that when the House takes up the FDA reform bill, it will close the door that the Senate has left wide open.

We dont need another Vioxx.


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