Nutrition Action Healthletter
Center for Science in the Public Interest - March 2001

The following “Rate Your Restaurant Diet” Quiz can help you size up what you eat away from home.

1. Which are you most likely to get on your bagel or English muffin?
 a)nothing or hummus 
b)jam or jelly 
c)light cream cheese 
f)regular cream cheese
Do you order/use half as much margarine, butter, or cream cheese?
2. Which breakfast pastry do you order most often?
a)low-fat muffin 
b)regular muffin 
d)cake doughnut 
e)chocolate-coated doughnut 
f)croissant or scone 
g)pecan roll or Danish
3. Which is closest to the breakfast you typically order?
a)hot or cold cereal 
b)eggs and toast 
c)pancakes or French toast 
d)Belgian waffle 
e)ham-and-cheese omelette
Do you add ham?
Do you add bacon or hash browns?
Do you add sausage?
Do you order egg whites when ordering eggs?
Do you order egg substitute instead of eggs?
Do you order whole-grain cereal or toast only?
Do you ask for no margarine on your pancakes or French toast?
4. Which beverage are you most likely to order at Starbucks?
a)coffee, regular 
b)coffee frappuccino 
d)caffè latte 
e)caffè mocha
Do you use skim milk instead of half and half (or whole milk)?
Do you order tall cappuccino, caffè latte, or caffè mocha instead of a grande or venti size?
5. Which sandwich do you most often order?
b)roast beef 
c)chicken salad 
d)tuna salad 
e)corned beef 
f)ham or egg salad 
h)grilled cheese
Do you order overstuffed or large sandwiches?
6. What do you usually order on your sandwiches?
a)lettuce, tomato, or onion 
Do you order your sandwiches on whole-wheat bread?
7. What do you get to go with your sandwich?
a)fruit or garden salad  
b)cole slaw 
c)potato salad 
d)potato chips 
e)french fries
8. Which are you most likely to order at McDonald’s?
a)Chicken McGrill 
c)Chicken McNuggets (6) 
d)Quarter Pounder 
e)Big Mac 
f)Quarter Pounder with Cheese
Do you order 9 Chicken McNuggets instead of 6?
9. What do you get with—or instead of—a burger, order of nuggets, etc., at McDonald’s?
a)Salad Shaker 
b)Fruit ’n Yogurt Parfait 
c)Baked Apple Pie 
d)French Fries (large) 
e)Shake (medium) 
f)Shake (large) 
g)McFlurry (16 oz.)
Do you super-size your fries?
10. Which kind of pizza comes closest to what you usually order?
a)cheeseless with grilled vegetables, chicken, or shrimp 
b)half the cheese 
e)beef or sausage
  Do you eat more than 2 slices? If so, how many over 2?
11. Which are you most likely to snack on at the mall? If your snack (ice cream, for example) is included in another question (like #2, 4, or 13), skip this question.
a)fruit shake 
b)soft pretzel, no butter or cheese 
c)soft pretzel with butter or cheese 
d)Mrs. Fields or other gourmet cookie 
e)Cinnabon or similar roll 
f)Mrs. Fields Double Fudge Brownie
12. Which snack do you typically get at a movie theater?
c)Junior Mints (1/2 box) 
d)Raisinets or Milk Duds (1/2) 
e)Whoppers (1/2) 
f)M&Mís (1/2) 
g)Reese’s Pieces (1/2) 
h)small popcorn 
i)medium popcorn (1/2) 
j)large popcorn (1/2)
Do you add butter to your popcorn?
Do you eat more than the half-portions listed above?
13. Which is closest to what you typically order at an ice cream shop?
a)low-fat frozen yogurt 
b)low-fat ice cream 
c)sorbet, sherbet, or ices 
d)regular ice cream 
e)gourmet ice cream 
f)hot fudge sundae 
g)milk shake
Do you order two scoops or a medium cone, cup, or shake?
Do you order a large?
Do you order a “kiddie” size?
14. What do you typically get on your ice cream?
d)chocolate chips or candy 
e)crumbled cookies 
f)syrup or sprinkles 
g)hot fudge 
h)chocolate dip or coating
15. Which is closest to what you typically order as an appetizer?
b)unbuttered bread 
c)garlic bread 
d)Buffalo wings 
e)fried calamari (1/2 portion) 
f)cheese nachos (1/2) 
g)fried mozzarella sticks (1/2) 
h)deep-fried onion (1/2) 
i)stuffed potato skins (1/2) 
j)cheese fries (1/2)
Do you eat more than the half-portions listed above?
16. Which is closest to what you typically order at a Chinese restaurant?
a)Hunan tofu 
b)shrimp with garlic sauce 
c)stir-fried vegetables 
d)Szechuan shrimp 
e)chicken chow mein 
f)beef with broccoli 
g)moo shu pork 
h)house lo mein 
i)house fried rice 
j)kung pao chicken 
k)General Tso’s chicken 
l) orange or crispy beef 
m) sweet and sour pork
17. Which is closest to what you typically order at an Italian restaurant?
a)linguine with red clam sauce 
b)spaghetti with marinara sauce 
c)linguine with white clam sauce 
d)spaghetti with meat sauce 
e)cheese ravioli 
f)spaghetti and meatballs  
g)spaghetti and sausage 
h)cheese manicotti 
i)veal or eggplant Parmigiana 
k)fettuccine Alfredo
18. Which is closest to what you typically order at a Mexican restaurant?
a)chicken, vegetable, or shrimp fajitas 
b)2 chicken tacos (crispy or soft) 
c)1 chicken burrito 
d)2 beef or chicken enchiladas 
e)1 beef burrito 
f)beef chimichanga 
g)taco salad or 2 chile rellenos
Do you eat the refried beans and sour cream that are served on the side.?
19. Which is closest to what you order at a seafood restaurant?
a)grilled fish or shellfish 
b)fried fish or shrimp 
c)fried clams  
d)fried seafood combo
20. Which is closest to what you typically order at a steak house?
a)grilled chicken or fish 
b)sirloin or filet mignon 
c)pork chops 
d)New York Strip steak 
e)rib eye steak 
f)T-bone steak 
g)porterhouse steak 
h)prime rib (16 oz.)
Do you trim the fat from the meat?
21. Which kind of potato do you most often order as a side dish?
a)baked potato with sour cream (1 Tbs. or less) 
b)mashed potatoes with gravy 
c)baked potato with sour cream (3 Tbs.) 
d)baked potato with butter 
e)baked potato with sour cream and butter 
f)french fries 
g)“loaded” baked potato (with bacon, butter, cheese, and sour cream)
22. Which is closest to what you typically order at a family-style restaurant?
a)chicken stir-fry or pot roast 
b)grilled or roasted chicken 
c)turkey and stuffing 
d)chicken Caesar salad 
e)chicken fingers or nuggets 
g)chef salad or chicken pot pie  
h)meat loaf
Do you eat the skin on the chicken?
Do you order light dressing on your salad.?
23. Which side dish is closest to what you typically order?
a) salad or vegetable of the day 
b) rice pilaf or mashed potatoes 
c) macaroni and cheese 
d) french fries or creamed spinach 
e) onion rings
24. Which is closest to what you typically order at a Greek restaurant?
a)chicken souvlaki 
b)lamb or pork souvlaki 
c)Greek salad 
d)spanakopita (spinach pie) 
e)dolmades (meat-stuffed grape leaves) 
f)gyro sandwich 
25. Which is closest to the dessert you typically order?
b)pumpkin pie 
c)baklava or chocolate cake 
d)apple pie or chocolate mousse  
f)fudge brownie sundae

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