Nutrition Action Healthletter
June 1999 — U.S. Edition


The Food Court. French fries, pizza, burgers as far as the eye can see. What’s a mall-goer to do? Head for Auntie Anne’s. Its soft, hand-rolled (mostly) Whole-Wheat Pretzels will satisfy that “gotta have something THIS SECOND” urge without clogging every artery you’ve got. Each five-ounce pretzel has all of the vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fiber (seven grams) you count on whole grains to supply.
   But whether your twist ends up as a Right Stuff is up to you. Ask your server to hold the salt and the sodium drops from 1,100 mg to about 500 mg. Ask for no butter and you’ll shave off its two grams of saturated fat. Try the Sweet Mustard or Marinara Sauce Dip instead.
   No salt, no butter, no taste? No way.
   Just don’t let your delighted taste buds talk you into more than one. Like most of Anne’s nine other (non-whole-wheat) pretzels, the Whole Wheat has about 350 calories.
   On the other hand, from the Jalapeño to the Parmesan Herb, they only have between one and six grams of fat, one to three of them saturated (without the butter, natch).
   And when you’re talking mall, that’s small.

Auntie Anne’s—(717)442-4766.

The one good thing about cheesecake is that it’s not a snack food. Make that wasn’t.
   Sara Lee Cheesecake Bites make it way too easy to scarf down way too much saturated fat way too often.
Forget buying a whole cake. Forget cutting yourself the thinnest sliver (well, maybe two).
   Now you can have your own individually wrapped chunk of artery sludge whenever the mood strikes you...something the box never lets you forget. In case you don’t notice the “Creamy Right Out of The Freezer” on the front, there’s the “Ready to Eat!” “No Thawing, No Waiting” emblazoned across the back.
   You’d never suspect that each one-inch square of the Chocolate-Dipped Praline Pecan, Toasted Almond Crunch, or Chocolate-Dipped Original has 20 percent of your sat fat quota for the entire day.
   Something that damaging should take more than two seconds to eat. Make that ten seconds if you eat the entire five-square serving listed on the package.
   If you dive for five, here’s the damage report: a full day’s worth of saturated fat and more than 450 calories-about what you’d expect from a slice of cheesecake. But you don’t expect to find cheesecake in your lunchbox...or while you’re searching for the frozen peas.
   Guess who doesn’t like Sara Lee? (If that includes you, give her a call.)

Sara Lee—(800)323-7117.
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