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Jan/Feb 2000 — U.S. Edition 

Right Stuff vs. Food Porn.
What can you say about a company that had the foresight to name its website Mann Packing Company of Salinas, California, has its head on straight.[Picture]    Why waste broccoli stems that often get chopped off before they reach the store? Mann's makes them into Broccoli Cole Slaw, which should be available in the refrigerated section of your supermarket.
   The colorful, crunchy mixture of shredded carrots, red cabbage, and what Mann's calls "hearts of broccoli" (they've always been "stalks" to us) comes washed and ready for you to use right out of the bag. Whip up your favorite cole slaw dressing or the "classic" recipe on the back (using low-fat mayo, of course). Or throw a few handfuls into your stir-fry or salad. You can even sauté some with red pepper and onion and wrap it into a fajita.
   Either way, you'll need a calculator to add up the vitamins in each 1½-cup serving. For just 35 fat-free, virtually salt-free calories you get 150 percent of a day's worth of vitamin C, plus 80 percent of your vitamin A, 17 percent of your folate, six percent each of your calcium and iron, and three grams of fiber. It's almost too easy, healthy, and (did we mention?) tasty to be true.

Mann's: (800) 285-1002.

The Skins Game
Ever order stuffed potato skins as an appetizer at a dinner-house chain like T.G.I. Friday's? Estimated damage in a typical 12-ounce (eight-skin) serving: some 1,100 calories and 80 grams of fat, 40 of them artery-clogging. And that's [Picture]without sour cream.
   Their only saving grace was that people rarely ate them outside of restaurants... until now. T.G.I. Friday's conveniently freezes and sells some of its restaurant appetizers in supermarkets. How considerate.
   The trick is that the boxes list tiny serving sizes, which means that the Nutrition Facts don't look so bad. Instead of the typical restaurant-sized 12-ounce serving of Potato Skins or Buffalo Wings, for example, the boxes list a three-ounce portion. Instead of the nine Mozzarella Sticks you get when you eat at many restaurants, the package gives numbers for one. And the boxes assume that you'll stop after two tablespoons of the Black Bean & Cheese or Spinach, Cheese & Artichoke Dips.
   Moral: Don't forget to multiply (the numbers). And don't forget to divide (the package into tiny portions). Because even the modest three stuffed potato skins that are listed as a serving, for example, have 250 calories, 510 mg of sodium, and 17 grams of fat, seven of them saturated. Just what the arteries, hips, and waistlines of America need.

T.G.I.Friday's: (800) 457-9810.
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