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Since some people are going to rely on bars anyway, we gave Better Bites to those with no more than two grams of saturated fat and at least three grams of fiber. The sat-fat limit means the bars won’t threaten your blood vessels, and the fiber usually means the bars have some oats, nuts, fruit, or other real food. Within each category, bars are ranked from best to worst (least to most saturated fat, then most to least fiber, then least to most calories).

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High-Carbohydrate Bars (weight of 1 bar, in ounces)
ProZone Cashew Almond Crunch (1.8)190517295 
Nutra-Fig Cheetah (2.3)1200213445 
You Are What You Eat (2.0)1*200414405 
Clif (2.4)1*2304110415 
Boulder (2.5)12104110424 
PowerBar Harvest (2.3)1*240417454 
PowerBar Performance (2.3)1*2302110453 
 Tiger’s Milk (1.2)1*140415221 
PowerBar Essentials, except Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (1.9)1*1804210283 
 PowerBar Essentials Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (1.9)*1804310283 
40-30-30  Bars (weight of 1 bar, in ounces)
Balance Outdoor Honey Almond (1.8)2006115213 
 Balance Outdoor Crunchy Peanut (1.8)2006115212 
 Balance Outdoor Nut Berry (1.8)2006115212 
Balance Outdoor Chocolate Crisp (1.8)2006215213 
 TwinLab Ironman (2.0)1*2307216240 
 Balance (1.8)1*2006314221 
 Balance + (1.8)1*2006414221 
 Balance Gold (1.8)*2107415230 
 ProZone, except Cashew Almond Crunch (1.8)11906514185 
High-Protein Bars (weight of 1 bar, in ounces)
 Met-Rx Natural Krunch (1.1)1* 110216180 
 Biochem Ultimate Lo Carb (2.0)1* 240712220 
 EAS Myoplex Deluxe (3.2)1* 3407224441 
 Premier Elite (1.5)1150321820 
 Protein Revolution (2.1)1*230822230 
 PowerBar Protein Plus (2.8)1*2905324382 
 EAS Myoplex Lite (2.0)1*1904315271 
 SportPharma Extra Protein (2.8)1* 2805331111 
 TwinLab Protein Fuel (2.9)1*3305335121 
 Nature’s Best Perfect Solid Protein (2.8)1* 2705332110 
 Worldwide Sport Nutrition Pure Protein (2.8)1*2805333130 
 Biochem Ultimate Protein (2.8)1* 2905331190 
 American Body Building Hi-Protein Steel Bar (3.0)1*3306316520 
 Nature’s Best Perfect Isopure (2.1)1*2206411363 
 EAS Myoplex HP (2.3)1*2505420302 
 Premier Protein (2.5)12908431142 
 MLO BioProtein (2.9)1*3006421402 
 Met-Rx SourceOne (2.1)1*1705416201 
 SportPharma Promax (2.6)1*2805420371 
 EAS Simply Protein (2.8)1*3107433161 
 Premier Eight (2.5)1270643170 
 Think! Protein (2.3)1*2709522190 
 Met-Rx Protein Plus Food Bar (3.0)1*2508634130 
Supplement Bars <i>(weight of 1 bar, in ounces)</i>
GeniSoy Nature Grains (2.3)12303011413 
 Viactiv Energy Fruit Crispy (1.1)1*120204210 
TwinLab Soy Sensations, except Chocolate Fondue (1.8)1*1805115236 
Odwalla (2.4)1*240417484 
Think! Chocolate Mocha (2.0)1*210419363 
 Ensure (1.2)1*130316212 
 Luna (1.7)1*1804210252 
 Think!, except Chocolate Mocha (2.0)1* 2207210332 
 GeniSoy Soy Protein (2.2)1*2203214331 
 TwinLab Soy Sensations Choc. Fondue (1.8)*1806315225 
 Boost (1.6)1*190645301 
 Viactiv Hearty Energy (1.6)1*180546290 
 Think! Divine (1.9)1* 210866321 
For Comparison (weight of 1 bar, in ounces)
 Quaker Chewy Granola (1.0)1120312211
 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain (1.3)1*140312271
 Snickers (2.1)2801454351
 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate (1.6)2301393251
: Better Bite. 1: Average of the entire line. *: Fortified with vitamins and minerals.

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Source: Manufacturers.

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