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Grocery Know-How Answers

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    Never use cracked eggs. They’re more likely to be infected with bacteria. Open the egg carton in the store and reject any that contain cracked—or dirty—eggs. Just keep in mind that if the hen that laid the eggs was infected with Salmonella, even an egg with a clean, intact shell can be contaminated. A few other egg rules: 1) Because some suppliers extend expiration dates by repackaging eggs, only buy eggs whose cartons have a U.S. Department of Agriculture shield on them. It means that the eggs are likely to be fresher. 2) Buy only refrigerated eggs. 3) If you’re at increased risk of food poisoning (see “Who’s Most At Risk?”), buy the carton with the most distant expiration date. That probably means they’re the freshest. The risk of Salmonella increases with the age of the egg. back

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