Nutrition Action Healthletter
October 1999 — U.S. Edition


Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal.





Fruits and Vegetables.

Juice and Cider.

Prepared Foods and Salads.

Hot Dogs and Deli Meats.

If You Get Sick.

When Traveling.

Meet the Bugs.

When Traveling.
Food Safety Guide.

* If you’ll be traveling for more than 30 minutes, store any perishable foods in a cooler with ice or freezer packs.

* Pack perishable foods directly from your refrigerator or freezer into the cooler.

* Keep raw meat, poultry, and seafood in sealed bags away from cooked foods or foods meant to be eaten raw.

* In the summer, keep the cooler in the air-conditioned passenger compartment of your car, not in the hot trunk. At the beach, partially bury the cooler in sand, cover with blankets, and shade with a beach umbrella.

* Carry moist towelettes to keep hands clean when handling food.

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