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Fact Sheets

fact sheetGeneral Fact Sheet on Menu Labeling at Fast-Food and Other Chain Restaurants

fact sheetSupermarkets vs. Restaurants

reformThe Cost of Menu Labeling Fact Sheet

mapMap of State and Local Menu-Labeling Policies

comparisonComparison of National Menu Labeling to State and Local Laws

nyc Success of Menu Labeling in New York City

New York City Study: Why Nutritional Information Needs to be on the Menu

methodsComparison of Different Approaches to Providing Nutrition Information in Restaurants

perservLabeling Per Serving vs. Per Menu Item


Anyone's Guess: The Need for Nutrition Labeling at Fast-Food and Other Chain Restaurants

Kids' Meals: Obesity on the Menu

Wallet to Waistline: The Hidden Costs of Super Sizing

The Keystone Forum on Away-From-Home Foods: Opportunities for Preventing Weight Gain and Obesity

Literature Review: Effects of Eating Out on Nutrition and Body Weight

Literature Review: Influence on Nutritional Information Provision

Purchasing Behavior and Calorie Information at Fast-Food Chains in New York City, 2007

Availability of Nutrition Information from Chain Restaurants in the United States

Availability of Point-of-Purchase Nutrition Information at McDonalds

Scientific Studies Related to Menu Labeling, Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity