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Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding 
Index of Non-Profit Organizations Receiving Corporate Funding

Receives core funding from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and University of Maryland. Receives funding for certain projects from industry and others. JIFSAN, whose director is David Lineback, has an advisory council consisting heavily of food manufacturers and professors (some of whom consult for industry); also includes three consumer representatives. “Funding for the project [on mercury in the Seychelle Islands] was provided by the FDA (through a supplement to the JIFSAN Cooperative Agreement), the Electric Power Research Institute (present funding $486,000), the National Tuna Foundation ($10,000), and the National Fisheries Institute ($5,000).”

Members of the Advisory Council include:

Private sector industry (all of the industry members make annual contributions in the $5,000 range to help support JIFSAN. Additionally, some help subsidize JIFSAN conferences. CSPI telephone interview with David Lineback, 1-29-01)

  • Bestfoods (Dr. Diani Santucci)
  • Coca-Cola Company (Dr. Michael Carakostas)
  • Campbell Soup Company (Dr. George Evancho)
  • Dean Foods Company (Dr. George Muck)
  • Frito-Lay (Dr. Robert Drotman)
  • General Mills (Dr. Frederick Hegele)
  • Gerber Products Company (Dr. Nicholas Hether)
  • Hershey Foods Corporation (Dr. Stanley Tarka)
  • Kellogg Company (Dr. Tracie Sheehan)
  • Kraft Foods (Mr. Ron Triani)
  • McCormick and Company (Dr. Hamed Faridi)
  • McNeil Specialty Products Company (Dr. Steven Mann)
  • M&M/Mars (Dr. Steven Rizk)
  • Mead Johnson Nutritionals (Dr. Mark Dreher)
  • Monsanto Company (Dr. Jerry Hjelle)
  • Nabisco (Dr. W. Kelly Jones)
  • Ocean Spray Cranberries (Dr. Y. Steve Henig)
  • Odwalla (Mr. Stephen Williamson)
  • Procter and Gamble Company (Dr. Keith Triebwasser)
  • Tropicana Products (Dr. Nancy Green)

Representatives of Consumers’ Interests

  • Consumer Federation of America (Carol Tucker Foreman)
  • National Consumers League (Linda Golodner)
  • Safe Tables Our Priority (STOP) (Laurie Girand)


  • Lester Crawford (Georgetown University)
  • Dr. Michael Doyle (University of Georgia)
  • Dr. Julie Miller Jones (College of St. Catherines)
  • Dr. Sanford Miller (Univ. of Texas Health Sciences Center)
  • Dr. Michael Pariza (University of Wisconsin)
  • Dr. Stephen Taylor (University of Nebraska)
  • Dr. Connie Weaver (Purdue University)


  • Dr. Peter Stanley (Central Science Laboratory, MAFF, UK)


  • Dr. Gilbert Leveille (McNeil Consumer Healthcare)

(except where noted, all of above from; January 26, 2001)

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