April 7, 1998

Contact:  David Elliot,                   
Delissa Saunders (202) 467-4999

People For the American Way Joins Coalition
To Fight Unconstitutional Food-Disparagement Laws

People For the American Way today joined the FoodSpeak Coalition, an alliance of civil liberty, health, environmental, public interest, media and law groups opposing food disparagement laws.  People For the American Way is a constitutional liberties organization that opposes efforts to stifle First Amendment freedoms.  Food-disparagement laws -- which have been adopted in some 13 states and which were the focus of attention during the recent unsuccessful lawsuit brought by the Texas cattle industry against talk show host Oprah Winfrey -- limit public expression of all kinds about food safety, consumer issues and environmental affairs.   People For the American Way believes such laws are unconstitutional because they are intended to discourage free speech.

People For the American Way is a 300,000-member national nonprofit organization dedicated to defending civil rights; promoting the democratic values of religious freedom and respect for diversity; and developing a culture of opportunity and tolerance of individual difference.

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