Mr. Andy Hansen
President, Buckeye Egg
P.O. Box 173
Cronton, Ohio 43013
May 1, 1998
faxed copy

Dear Mr. Hansen:

On behalf of the FoodSpeak Coalition and others concerned about First Amendment freedoms, we write to urge you to withdraw your food-disparagement lawsuit against Ms. Amy Simpson and the Ohio Public Interest Research Group.

FoodSpeak is a broad coalition of civil liberties, public interest, environmental, consumer, and other groups dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of those who speak out on food and food safety.

Based on the facts alleged in your complaint against Ms. Simpson and the Ohio PIRG, we are firmly convinced that this legal action is both unwarranted and unconstitutional under the free speech guarantees of the United States and Ohio Constitutions. Accordingly, and if need be, we are prepared to assist in defending the free speech rights of Ms. Simpson and the Ohio PIRG in court and elsewhere.

We respectfully urge you to unconditionally drop this action immediately. If you disagree with Ms. Simpson, debate her. If you feel strongly about the matter, use your resources to respond to her. But do not try to intimidate her by forcing her into impoverishment defending a lawsuit which you cannot ultimately win. This is not the American way.

Although we cannot, of course, speak on behalf of Ms. Simpson or the Ohio PIRG, we do believe that such action on your part would be an important gesture in support of freedom of speech in Ohio and elsewhere.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Nader Ira Glasser
Executive Director, ACLU
Michael F. Jacobson
Executive Director, CSPI

cc: Amy Simpson, Ohio PIRG, G. Roger King, Esq. (Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue)