Dear Senator:

I am writing in support of the "Collegiate Initiative to Reduce Binge Drinking," Senate Resolution 192. The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Joseph Biden, is an attempt to change the campus drinking culture and support healthier student choices about alcohol. It deserves your support.

Many college presidents rank alcohol abuse as the number one problem on campus. Alcohol is a factor in the three leading causes of death for 15-24 year olds and is involved in a large percentage of campus rapes, violent crimes, student suicides, and fraternity "hazing" injuries. In fact, almost half (44%) of all students qualify as binge drinkers. Just like smoking, heavy drinking causes "second hand" problems for students who drink and for non-drinkers as well.

Senate Resolution 192 urges institutions of higher education to adopt a code of principles aimed at reducing campus drinking problems. The principles include providing maximum opportunities for students to live in an alcohol-free environment, enforcing a "zero tolerance" policy for the illegal consumption of alcohol, eliminating alcoholic beverage-related sponsorship of on-campus activities, and working with local businesses to prevent underage drinking.

Although these are non-binding guidelines for college campuses, the Resolution expresses the sense of the Senate that student drinking has become a national problem that requires federal leadership. Please help support safer, healthier campuses by signing on to S. Res. 192.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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