Sample Community Resolution

Below is a sample resolution for advocates to use in getting local government involved in the effort to ban liquor advertising from local television broadcasts. Present it to a friendly city councilperson, county alderman/commissioner, or other local official and ask for its adoption. (Feel free to edit or personalize the "Whereas" clauses, to best reflect your community’s situation and concerns.)

Whereas, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) has recently decided to broadcast paid advertisements for distilled spirits and liquors; and

Whereas, [local NBC station], a broadcast affiliate of NBC, has begun airing such advertisements in our community; and,

Whereas, those commercials will reach many persons under 21 years of age in our community, encouraging them to drink liquor; and,

Whereas, comprehensive national research conducted by scientists from Michigan State University and the University of Missouri over the past five years confirms that hard-liquor ads on TV significantly increase the pressure to drink on our Nation’s youth; and,

Whereas, that study found that 15- to 20-year-olds with greater exposure to TV liquor advertising were more likely to have intentions to drink liquor when older than those with lesser exposure to those ads; and,

Whereas, in [our city/county] alcohol-related problems, treatment, prevention, crime, adjudication, health care problems, etc. cost this locality [# of lives (or) # of dollars] per year; and,

(Suggestion: Seek these statistics from either local service providers or add figures from this governmental body’s own operating budget for those services.)

Whereas, alcohol is by far America’s number-one youth drug problem, killing six times more young people than all illicit drugs combined, and underage drinking costs our country an estimated $52 billion per year; and,

Whereas, according to the latest federal government data, nearly one-third of all 12- to 20-year-olds report using alcohol within the past month, with nearly 20 percent binge drinking; and,

Whereas, [feel free to add local data/anecdotes]

Whereas, the age of first alcohol use strongly predicts future alcoholism and dependency; and,

Whereas, those who start drinking before the age of 15 are four times more likely to become alcoholics than those who wait until they are 21; and,

Whereas, adolescents who consume alcohol are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors, such as becoming sexually active at an earlier age and having unprotected sex (placing them at greater risk of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases); and,

Whereas, alcohol use by young people also contributes to higher rates of clinical depression, academic problems, crime victimization, and sexual assault; and,

Whereas, according to a national opinion poll conducted between December 14 and 16 by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, an overwhelming majority (72%) of Americans support keeping network television free of hard-liquor ads; and,

Whereas, most Americans (70%) agree that it is dangerous to have liquor ads on TV because they will introduce underage persons to liquor and 79% think that airing those ads will be a factor in causing young people under 21 to try distilled spirits.

Therefore, be it resolved, we the Council of the [City/County of ___________] do hereby formally request that [Local NBC Station] assist this city in protecting our youth and preserving community standards to prevent underage drinking by:

prohibiting hard-liquor ads from appearing during all local programming and during all local ad time; and,

restricting the local rebroadcast of any hard-liquor advertisements from network, syndicated or other regional, national, or international transmission sources; and,

Be it further resolved, that this body requests that similar requests to observe this community standard be sent to all other television stations licensed to serve this community; and,

Be it further resolved, that this body encourages Congress and the President to consider legislation banning liquor advertising from the broadcast and other electronic media to protect the community standards of cities and towns such as [your town/county] across the United States.

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January 2002