Alcoholic-Beverage Industry Quotes

July 2002 Press Conference

Industry Sources Confirm That "Alcopops" Target Young Consumers:


"This is something that is popular with people of all ages and sexes."  (Russell Barnett, sales and marketing director for Mike's Hard Lemonade in "Beer Alternatives Bottle a Cool Summer Buzz," USA Today, September 8, 2000).

"The beauty of this category is that it brings in new drinkers, people who really donít like the taste of beer," (Marlene Coulis, A-B's director of new products in "Beer Marketing: Brewers Binge on Malt Drinks. Some Warn Category is in for a Hangover," Advertising Age, April 22, 2002).

"With younger drinkers, their palates haven't quite matured yet to drinks like bourbon.  Malternatives are a sweeter drink, they're easier to drink and it takes less time to mature to the taste."  (Trish Rohrer, brand-development manager for Boston Beer Company in "Malternative Universe," Restaurants USA, May 2002).

"This is the perfect "bridging beverage," said Terry Hopper, national sales manager for Sublime Hard Lemonade, commenting on the similarities between carbonated fruit juices, such as Snapple and Nantucket Nectars, and the new hard lemonades.  ("New Kick on the Block: Will Spike Lemonades Pick Up Where Wine Coolers Left Off?" Washington Post, September 13, 2000).


July 2002

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