Vol. 10, No. 1  August 1998

CSPI Takes on Grassroots Outreach

CSPI has undertaken a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded project to support and promote local alcohol-policy campaigns. The outreach project will enable CSPI to expand its efforts to meet the increasing demand for grassroots support. Specifically, we will provide targeted materials, technical assistance, training, and strategic advice to participating local-level advocacy groups.

CSPI welcomes Linda Bosma as the manager of the grassroots program. Her background in community organizing and public policy includes working with labor unions, law enforcement, neighborhood and community groups, and research projects aimed at reducing youth access to alcohol. She has championed numerous local alcohol-policy issues, including server/seller responsibility, compliance checks, administrative penalties, social host liability, outlet density, state alcohol taxes, keg registration, and a reduction in public drinking problems.

Please contact Linda at (202) 332-9110, ext. 348, or via <lbosma@cspinet.org> to learn how CSPI might be able to assist your local prevention initiatives.

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