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I am writing to share my concern about the beer commercials broadcast during last week's (Your Local College/University) football game on Channel 9.  Watching at home with my children, I was distressed by the presence of beer commercials during the game.  I know that you and other college officials must be concerned about underage and excessive drinking by students.  It seems wrong that the school would take money from beer companies who market their products to young people and who make your job of reducing alcohol problems on campus that much more difficult.


Advertisements for alcoholic beverages send powerful messages to young people.  According to the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, youth see more commercials for beer than for juice, gum, chips, sneakers, skin care products, and jeans.  Alcohol is the major drug problem among youth.  It is a substantial factor in the four leading causes of death among young people -- motor vehicle crashes, unintentional injuries, suicide, and homicide.


As a community member, I know (Your Local College) works hard to reduce underage drinking on campus.  But can you honestly accept funds from beer companies to promote drinking and then discourage underage drinking on campus?  I don't believe so.


I urge you to do your part to end the tie between beer advertising and college sports.  Please re-consider the "need" for beer ads during (Your Local College) games.  Thank you.




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