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CSPI Survey Highlights

Americans Say "Beer Ads Foul Televised College Sports"


Americans strongly believe beer ads on televised sporting events undercut the positive value of sports for youth.  They believe beer companies use sports to appeal to and reach underage youth.

  • 72% of Americans say that showing beer ads on sporting events is inconsistent with the positive role of sports for children.

  • 77% of parents (71% of all adults) say that beer companies that advertise on sporting events know their ads appeal to underage persons.

  • 65% of parents (63% of all adults) agree that beer companies use sports to reach and advertise to persons under the legal drinking age.


Most parents and other adults believe there are real and measurable adverse consequences for young people from exposure to beer advertising on TV sports.  Americans say beer advertising on sporting events:

  • encourages underage persons to drink (57% all adults / 68% parents);

  • encourages viewers to drink more than they normally would (51% adults / 56% parents);

  • tells teenagers it is okay for them to drink (51% adults / 53% parents);

  • increases the chances that teenagers will get into trouble with alcohol (53% adults / 46% parents).


Three in four Americans express concern about underage and binge drinking on college campuses and they think it is wrong for universities to make money from beer advertising on college sports.  Americans reject the NCAA's acceptance of beer ads on college sports.

  • 69% of Americans believe that airing beer commercials on college sports programs is inconsistent with the mission of colleges and universities.

  • 75% of Americans believe having beer commercials on college sports is inconsistent with the efforts colleges make to discourage underage and excessive drinking.

  • 77% of parents (73% of adults) say it is wrong for colleges to take money from beer companies that promote drinking while at the same time trying to discourage underage and binge drinking among their students.

  • 84% of Americans think beer advertising on college games is not in the best interests of higher education.


Americans overwhelmingly support restrictions on alcohol advertising during televised college sports.

  • 71% of adults (72% of parents) support a ban on all alcohol ads on televised college games.

  • 80% of adults (72% of parents) support the elimination of alcohol ads at times when large numbers of teenagers are watching.

  • 83% of adults (78% of parents) support requiring prominent health warnings in ads.

  • 87% of adults (74% of parents) support requiring equal time for counter-ads about the risks of underage and excessive drinking.



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