Sample Letter: A Letter to the President

April 6, 2005


Dear President/Chancellor:

When the NCAA Division I Board of Directors review the Association’s policies on alcohol in a few weeks, I strongly urge you to help eliminate beer advertisements on broadcasts of NCAA sports.

College presidents know too well the many negative consequences from underage and binge drinking.  That is why it is surprising that colleges support pitching beer to students and other young fans during televised sporting events.  Not only is this counter to the educational mission of colleges and universities, but it undercuts all the prevention measures being taken on campuses today.  There is a fundamental disconnect between a university’s commitment to reduce the incidence of and harms from binge and underage drinking and allowing alcohol ads on college sports broadcasts.

As a member of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors, you are in a unique leadership position.  I urge you to work to revise the NCAA’s alcohol policies to prohibit the advertising of all alcoholic beverages, including beer, the principal beverage of choice of most college students and underage drinkers.  Help get the NCAA out of the business of marketing beer to college students and other young fans.

I look forward to your leadership on this critical and timely issue.  Thank you.

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Campaign for Alcohol-Free Sports TV

Center for Science in the Public Interest

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