On the prohibition of certain alcoholic beverage containers

(Update: BATF extends comment period to on or before May 10, 1999)

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms proposes to amend regulations to clarify the standards of fill for distilled spirits and wine. ATF also proposes to amend regulations to prohibit certain alcohol beverage containers that are likely to mislead consumers as to the identity or character of the distilled spirits, wine, or malt beverage products or are likely to be confused with other (non-alcohol) food products.

ATF proposes these changes to ensure consumer protection and to preclude administrative difficulties and jeopardy to the revenue. These proposed rules prohibit certain types of alcohol beverage containers. ATF is concerned that certain containers are likely to confuse consumers as to the nature of the product, especially those packages that are similar to those that contain ice cream, popsicles, squeeze-package frozen snacks, dairy creamers, or other non-alcohol food products.

ATF specifically requests comments on the clarity of this proposed rule and how it may be made easier to understand. ATF also requests alternative approaches to accomplish the objectives outlined in this notice.

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DATES: Send your comments on or before April 12, 1999 (Comment period extended to on or before May 10, 1999).

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