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CSPI and MADD Counter Beer Industry Lobbying Blitz


Beer industry representatives will swarm the U.S. Capitol April 25-28, 2004 during their annual legislative conference.  Key themes for industry propaganda this year include:

  1. the continuation of perennial lobbying to slash the federal excise tax on beer by 50 percent;

  2. public relations efforts to portray the beer industry as "part of the solution" to underage drinking problems; and

  3. attempts to downplay the extent and seriousness of underage drinking as a public health issue, and forestall meaningful federal action on a national strategy to reduce underage drinking.

MADD and CSPI responded to Big Beer with a full page Roll Call advertisement and a series of related flyers [4/28/04, 4/29/04] delivered to all Hill offices.  Here's more information on the issues raised by the ad and flyers.



  • Fact Sheet: Alcoholic-Beverage Industry Needs Young Drinkers [PDF]

  • CAMY Report: Drops in the Bucket: Alcohol Industry "Responsibility" Advertising on Television in 2001


Federal Beer Taxes


Marketing to Youth


Underage Drinking


April 27, 2004


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For more information, please contact Kim Miller, Manager of Federal Relations.

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