A Consumer’s Guide to Protecting Your Health and the Environment


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PURCHASE THE BOOK ONLINE! Every day new warnings emerge about the safety of the food in our markets, school cafeterias, and restaurants. As the food industry and government officials rush in with reassurances — and food activists call for dramatic changes in the American diet — ordinary consumers are caught in the middle.

ABOUT IS OUR FOOD SAFE? Is Our Food Safe? sifts through all the conflicting information about food safety and presents consumers with real, objective, and scientifically sound answers about which foods are safe to eat and which are best for the environment.  

With Is Our Food Safe? the public can finally learn:

  • What surprising foods are among the most likely to cause food poisoning, including some that are favorites of vegetarians
  • What single food consumers should avoid to reduce their risk of illness and chronic disease, and help the environment
  • How producing genetically modified foods can actually benefit the environment
  • How the vast majority of environmental damage related to food comes from growing food rather than processing, packaging, or shipping it
  • Why it’s more environmentally sound to cook with a microwave oven than a conventional oven
  • Why paper bags aren’t a better choice for the environment than plastic bags

Is Our Food Safe? gives no-nonsense advice about what to do to reduce pathogens and pesticides in your diet, discusses the positive and negative aspects of generically engineered foods, compares organically and conventionally produced foods, and makes recommendations about when (and if) to choose local suppliers over industry giants. Finally, there is valuable information on how individuals can improve the quality of the food available in their communities, including specific issues to raise with grocers and school lunch and other food service providers.

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